Tapasvis Immersion (Mexico)

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Precio: Gratis
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EKAM Tapas Immersion - (for those who’ve competed Ekam Tapas only)

The 3 Pillars of the Seekers journey to enlightenment are our sadhana, our gurus wisdom & blessings, and the blessings of the Divine.

The importance of doing sadhana to nurture our state of Sthitha Prajnatva through life’s ups and downs is imperative. To aide and support us forward on our continued journey, which is not linear but cyclical and continual, our beloved gurus will continue to hand hold us with Ekam Tapas Immersion.

This beautiful offering will include:

  • Immersion with Sri Preethaji, as we journey with her during the 3 1/2 hour Manifest the second Sunday of each month.

  • Tapas Immersion online the 1st Saturday of each month beginning in September, receive Sri Krishnaji’s direct transmission of sthitha pragnatva and a divine process month after month to push us deeper into the enlightened consciousness.

Our dedicated Dasajis will revise for us nuggets of our gurus’ Wisdom from Tapas and help us navigate life from the state.

For a deeper immersion, choose Premium, which adds two 90-minute immersions with EKAM faculty, designed to deepen the wisdom and processes received from Sri Preethaji during the Manifest.

This Ekam Tapas Immersion is offered as an annual membership for ease of our participation and continued commitment, as Tapasvis and Truth Seekers.

If you already have a Manifest Membership, you may simply make up the difference to upgrade into the Ekam Tapas Immersion.

This blessed offering is for Tapasvis only.

Please sign up now to continue to experience your state of Stitha Prajnatva deepen and grow!

NOTE: first monthly Manifest for our Tapas Immersion is Sunday, August 14!!!

Mark your calendars and don’t miss it!

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