Matt Kahn April Soul Convergence

Wed. Apr 25, 2018 at 10:00am - Sun. Apr 29, 2018 at 4:00pm PDT
All Ages
Price: $899.00
All Ages
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Price: $899.00
All Ages
Event Description

Standing for Love Soul Convergence

Have you ever wanted to return home to the light of your true nature? Are you ready to embrace your inner soulmate? Do you yearn to explore the ecstasy of spiritual union throughout each relationship? If so, then please join best-selling author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn for a life-changing exploration into heart-centered consciousness. If you are ready to master the art of living as Divinity in physical form, then this 5-day adventure is a perfect way to bridge heaven and Earth.  

It's a soul family reunion where heart-centered beings from all corners of the globe come together in a powerful vortex of transformation to awaken the light of their soul and manifest Heaven on Earth for the well-being of all. 

This 5-Day Soul Convergence is an opportunity to: 

  • Open your psychic channel to the Universe for greater alignment, deeper clarity, and more expanded awareness

  • Experience the living reality of your soul beyond the limiting beliefs and self-defeating patterns of ego

  • Learn the most compassionate ways to transform your relationship and manifest a partner who is ideal for you

  • Reclaim your power and embrace your inner uniqueness by honing the skill of conscious communication

  • Discover the infinite bliss, eternal joy, and ever-present ecstasy contained in each breath, moment, and interaction  

If you are ready for a 5-day spiritual adventure filled with life-changing realizations, moments of healing laughter with those of like mind, energetic clearings and activations, along with the most practical steps to move you through the doorway of your highest destiny, then this Soul Convergence is ideal for your evolution. Space is limited, so please reserve your space here before it sells out.

After registering, it is highly recommended that you then reserve your Portland accommodations (hotel and travel details are listed below).

The MAX light rail terminal is located steps away from the World Forestry Center and will be the suggested mode of transportation for both lunch and dinner breaks (2-hour meal breaks). With MAX coming to the center every 7 minutes, it is the most efficient and fun way to get in and out of downtown Portland to enjoy all the wonderful food options that are a part of the quintessential Portland experience. You will be able to find meals that fit all your budget and dietary needs. Upon arrival at the World Forestry Center, you will be given a list of the MAX stops with suggestions of great places to eat on the breaks.

We will end each evening around 9:00pm, and the entire Soul Convergence event ends at 4:00pm on Sunday, April 29, but please give yourself until 5:00pm for a leisurely time of connection with all your new soul family members (you will thank us later for suggesting this now!).

Whether you've attended our gatherings in the past or are excited to join us for the first time, this has been designed to provide you with a Soul Convergence experience that is the most gentle on the body, relaxing for the mind, and loving for your heart. If you are ready to transform all areas of your life with the grace of eternal love, then please join us for this once in a lifetime adventure into the light of inner radiance.

This Soul Convergence will include: 

  • Group healings & activations

  • Profound experiences of letting go

  • Spontaneous laughter and deep relaxation exercises to rejuvenate body and mind, calm the over-stimulated nervous system, and revitalize the immune system

  • Periods of silence for integration and meditation

I am excited to be with you soon.

Abundant peace, love & blessings


Early-bird, paid in full before April 15: $799

Paid in full April 16-23: $899

This is for the Soul Convergence teaching program only. Meals and hotel accommodations not included. Please make your own travel and lodging arrangements in advance, and when you arrive you will receive a list of nearby restaurants.

Paying for the Soul Convergence: Payments are due in full at the time of registration. Spaces will not be held with partial payments as our systems do not currently accept payment plans. Your space is reserved by your full payment at the time of registration.

Cancellation & Change Policy: 

Many people discover they feel the start of the energy flow come into their reality just by registering for the Soul Convergence. Sometimes it can be experienced as a "rocking of the ship" of your old paradigms as emotions stir and the appearances of your external world seem to shift, and some even experience what feels like the onset of a cold. Please tune into your own intuition and guidance to see if it's truly time to postpone, or to see if coming to the Soul Convergence will allow you integrate more quickly and move through the waves to calmer waters. If you must cancel your Soul Convergence attendance, here is the refund schedule:

80% Refund if you cancel before Jan. 11, 2018.

50% refund if you cancel between Jan. 12 and March 26, 2018.

25% if you cancel between March 27 and April 11, 2018.

No refunds will be issued after April 11.

If we cancel this gathering, you will receive 2 weeks' notice when possible, and a full refund. Please make sure you know your hotel and airline's cancellation policies before you book your travel. We are not responsible for the cost of your travel cancellation fees in the event this Soul Convergence is canceled.

PLEASE NOTE: The World Forestry Center does not handle the registration for any of our events, so please contact our (True Divine Nature) office if you have any questions about your registration. Please be sure to read this whole page in its entirety. It will answer any of your questions, as will the upcoming confirmation emails. 


The airport code for flying into the Portland airport is PDX. Please plan to be with the group for the entire five days - please no early departures, or partial attendance. If you are unable to attend this gathering on time, or cannot stay in full until the end to hold the group energy, we ask you to attend a future gathering when you can commit to the entire experience. There will not be any time to plan any other additional activities while you are with us. There is much to download, and you will most likely need some time to integrate and rest in the evenings.

Daily Schedule
Wed. April 25, 10:00am-9:00pm, (check-in starts at 9:00am)
Thurs. April 26, 10:00am-9:00pm
Fri. April 27, 10:00am-9:00pm
Sat. April 28, 10:00am-9:00pm
Sun. April 29, 10:00am-4:00pm 


World Forestry Center
4033 SW Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97221

Our Meeting Space

Our Soul Convergence will be held at the World Forestry Center. It is bright, clear, comfortable, temperature controlled space. There will be a chair for everyone in attendance. Feel free to also bring your favorite pillow, cushion, or blanket. The World Forestry Center is fully ADA accessible.

The World Forestry Center (we will be in the MILLER HALL) is located adjacent to the Oregon Zoo and 175-acre Hoyt Arboretum. 

Portland offers a variety of lodging options, but does not have a single hotel space large enough for our whole group, so we encourage you to book a hotel room as soon as possible. We recommend lodging in the city center, which is minutes away from the World Forestry Center by car or light rail. Many hotels are located in the city center. You can connect with other Soul Convergence attendees on the True Divine Nature community page (set up and run by retreat attendees on Facebook) about sharing rides or housing.

Please follow your heart and listen to your intuition in choosing the best place for you to stay during the retreat. You can also Google "hotels in Portland, Oregon near the zoo" for other options. 


By Car:
Please note that the Washington Park area (zoo/forestry center area) charges for parking. This fee is collected by Portland Parks and Recreation. The fee is $6.40 all day, each day. Rates and hours are subject to change due to special events. Please see pay station for hours, or purchase through the Passport Parking Mobile Pay app on your phone. For additional parking information, please read this page here.

You can skip paid parking or car rentals altogether, and take the light rail MAX system. You can come from the airport and hotels along the route by the MAX light rail. 

By Light Rail:
The World Forestry Center campus is easily accessible via the MAX urban light rail (red or blue lines). MAX lines and stops can be found here. Light rail lines leave the Forestry Center about every 7 minutes. All-day passes are $5 (or a book of five 1-day passes for $25).

From the city center to the World Forestry Center: Board Tri-Met's Blue Line or Red Line MAX heading WEST. A westbound train leaves every five to ten minutes. Exit at the Washington Park station, take the elevator up, and you will be just steps from the World Forestry Center.

From the Airport to the city center: Board Tri-Met's Red Line from the Portland International Airport to the city center. This train leaves every 15 minutes.

For more information on the MAX light rail and to purchase tickets online visit:  Download the MAX light rail map here.

Coordinating Rides or Shared Hotels

You can either wait until the Soul Convergence to meet up with others to coordinate rides, or you can make arrangements beforehand through Facebook. It's a great way to request rides to and from the Forestry Center with the other participants here: True Divine Nature Community Facebook Page. That group page was set-up and is currently run by Soul Convergence attendees who want to stay in touch with each other.

Please bring: 
Comfortable clothing, good walking shoes or boots for the trails if you wish to walk them on the meal breaks, an enclosed water bottle, and whatever else will make the days more comfortable for you. Filtered hot and cold water will be provided every day. Please bring your own tea or coffee in spill-proof containers.

What Other Beloveds Have to Say:
"Your retreat was one of the best retreats I have ever experienced. Matt expresses his gifts so authentically, so gentle, so deep, so giving, and so filled with humor and laughter." -Lucas Stiefvater

"Matt is an incredibly accurate guide that is able to traverse the inner energetic wilderness with supreme love and unfathomable clarity. His energy is of a raw love that leaves no strings attached, combined with a level of humor that allows you to not even know that you are healing in his presence." - Dave Agnew

"Your retreat was truly a transcendent experience for me. Matt, I am continually amazed that you can take such complex subjects and transform them into simple teachings that go right into my heart. I experience "Ah-has" that bring both peace and clarity - and sometimes tears. You are the clearest, most loving, most enlightening teacher I have ever experienced. You have changed my life in a way I could never have imagined. Bless you for all you are doing for me and for all of us, as we are certainly blessed by you." - Kathryn Thalden

"Words cannot adequately express my abundant love and gratitude for Matt. Your retreat was simply amazing and I feel so blessed to have somehow found you four years ago. My life has been so touched and transformed. All I can say is thank you, with every fiber of my being thank you. I am forever grateful and send immense love and gratitude!" - Tanya Trahan

"These retreats have been the most transformational and profound experiences of my life--hands down. I feel limitless. Matt gave me the most profound healing and shift of my life as did all the blessed beings at that retreat. I feel a richness and abundance in my life that I've never felt before. It was always there, now I know it. I'm confident this was the most abundant outflow of grace, love, peace, and beauty this form has ever experienced. Love, love and more love!" - Ian Ferguson

"Matt -- many blessings to you on the contribution you have made to my lovely life here! I love you! I have attended the very best retreat ever as it has brought me back to the self I have not paid attention to for a very long time. My life is RICH, SWEET, and my heart is full of GRATITUDE." - Fran Scott


Matt Kahn is the bestselling author of "Whatever Arises, Love That," published by Sounds True, and "Everything is Here to Help You," published by Hay House. He is a spiritual teacher, and highly-attuned intuitive. His spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life.

Using his precise intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing, Matt serves as a bridge between the mystical realms and the journey of awakening.

Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable physical and emotional healings, and have awakened to their true nature through Matt's profound and loving teachings, and transmission of sacred heart wisdom. When intuitively and energetically guided in the moment, the messages that come through may be delivered with a big dose of heart-uplifting, relieving levity.

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