Lovelight Festival T-Shirt

Price: $35.00
Product Description

The t-shirt design is by Eric Favela who has been a feature film storyboard artist for 13 years. Recently Head of Story on The Secret Life Of Pets 2, he has worked on and helped develop numerous films, including Despicable Me 2 and 3, Minions, Rio, Ice Age 3 and 4, and Horton Hears a Who.
Eric is a true soul spirit as evidenced by a dream he had about Lovelight Co-Founder Wynne Paris. Eric shared the dream with a mutual friend and said it felt so real that he drew and sent the face of the stranger whom Eric and the mutual friend were with during the dream whose response was, I was with that person last night! A fast friendship was formed and Eric was inspired to share his art which we made into the Lovelight Festival t-shirt design. Some say Eric's incredible visions didn't stop with with one co-founder, drop by the information booth and tell who you think is depicted in the festival shirt. Be one of the first 3 to guess correctly and win one ticket to an upcoming event!