Camp Sacred City

Thu. Mar 28, 2024 at 6:00pm - Sun. Mar 31, 2024 at 11:00am EDT
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All Ages
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All Ages
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Welcome to Camp Sacred City
Together. we gather on the beautiful nature preserve, Wonderfield Farm, for 4 days to co-create a magical place. We bring the Sacred City to life, brick by brick, by embodying who we truly are and sharing our gifts freely.

What Do I Share at Camp?
At Camp Sacred City, everyone has the platform to be seen in their magic. It is pretty special to be seen and valued. This is part of the magic. Enjoy camping on the land and sharing the miracle of who you are with the people. You will have a spot to camp and setup an offering if you'd like. There will be a few big tents where campers can sign up to share a 30 minute experience with the community. Or you can simply walk around and share your gift with whoever you bump into. It can be as simple as sharing long warm hugs!

What Do I Receive at Camp?
Campers also get to be surrounded by a community of people open to sharing their gifts freely. So, this is an opportunity to receive in abundance as you journey through the city. We encourage everyone to ask the question to everyone you run into "which one of your gifts are you choosing to share this weekend?"

Nightly City Celebrations
We also come together each night for City Celebrations to rejoice in the magic we are activating with each courageous choice to be ourselves and share our gifts with the world. We will dance. We will sing. We will move. And we will come together arm in arm to celebrate in this magical city we are bringing to life. We are honored to welcome Poranguí, Mose, Equanimous, Meeshy, Brielle Aguila and the Sacred City Band as our medicine musicians and guides for our nightly journeys together.

1 Path to Camp Sacred City

Attend and Camp as a Nomad
Coming solo is a beautiful way of laying your bricks in the Sacred City. What activates the magic is you opening up and offering who you are and what gift you want to share freely with the community. This could be a setup in your tent area, a 30 minute offering in one of our large Nomad Offering Tents, or something as simple as sharing the gift of active listening with people around you. You can offer gifts when you feel called and there is no expectation for your efforts. Campers are encouraged to ask you "which gift did you choose to share this weekend?" to activate the opportunity to share. We have team members who will be at City Center to guide you and support you along your journey. This ticket includes a 12ft x 15ft camping spot in Nomad Village. Spots are first come first serve.
Buy Nomad Tickets here on this page.

The City Schedule
Thursday (3/28)
Daytime Setup
9am | 5 Community Villages Arrival & Setup
12pm | Nomad Village Camper Arrival & Setup
Nightly City Celebration
6pm | We begin with Opening Ceremony with the Sacred City Band
7pm | 1st City Celebration continues with Meeshy
8pm-10pm | We end with an epic set with Equanimous

Friday (3/29)
Daily City Exchange
City is buzzing with campers sharing gifts freely with each other
Nightly City Celebration
6pm | We begin with an epic Kirtan journey with the Sacred City Band
8pm-10pm | We end with a powerful set with Poranguí

Saturday (3/30)
Daily City Exchange
City is buzzing with campers sharing gifts freely with each other
Nightly City Celebration
6pm | We begin with Brielle Aguila
7pm | We continue with a deep Cacao Ceremony with Mose and Brielle
7:30pm-10pm | We end with a magical set with Mose

Sunday (3/31)
Closing the Container Together
10am-11am | Closing Ceremony with the Sacred City Band
11am-1pm | Open Blanket Market for Campers to sell things and receive money
11am-1pm | Final clean up and departure from the land

The City Map

City Center
This is the center of Camp Sacred City. Come here to find support, water, and join in on our nightly city celebrations.

Habibi Village
This is the nourishment market for Camp Sacred City. Come here to explore organic gluten-free food choices and other nutrient rich items. You can buy a weekend food pass at checkout when buying tickets, or you can purchase meals 1 by 1 during the experience.

Art District
Featured community artists will be installing their art pieces throughout Camp Take a meaningful journey from art piece to art piece and see what activates within.

Nomad Village
This is the home for the solo campers who are ready to be a significant part of Camp Sacred City. There will be a neighborhood of offerings and large tent spaces with Nomads sharing their gifts freely with fellow campers. There will be musicians, DJs, sound healers, masseuse's, artists, cacao ceremonialists, tea ceremony leaders, and endless amounts more!

Community Villages
These are where communities come together to create a group offering as a free gift to all at Camp Sacred City. The Community Villages for camp this year have already been chosen. Explore the Villages and enjoy the adventure.

Essential FAQs

What are the essentials I need to bring?
Supplies to bring your authentic gift to the community to life, Tent, Sleeping bag, Meditation Pillow, a Blanket, portable battery for phone charging, Food (If you're not getting the meal pass), Water, Extra Pairs of Clothes, a Jacket, Toiletries, as well as your own water bottle, plate, bowl, and utensils just in case!

What are the boundaries for arriving and leaving camp?
Ideally, campers arrive Thursday from noon to 5pm. After this time, gates will close so our staff can re-orient their energy toward the experience. If you cannot make it by that time, we will have a phone number to text so you can be welcomed in to camp each day in the 10am to 10pm time window. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the team to welcome you into camp!

Will there be drinking water provided on the land?
While we do recommend you bring water, there are multiple access points to well water that they call “Wonder Water” on the land. We also recommend you bring your own water container and personal supply.

What are the ticket options for kids?
Kids 12 and under can come for free. Up to 2 per person. And must be supervised.

What is the bathroom situation?
There are outdoor showers and compost toilets on property, as well as some extra portable toilets for Camper use.

Can I bring my car? What about an RV?
Parking passes are available for on-site parking at Camp Sacred City. You can park your car or you can get an RV pass to park your RV or pop-up camper. No hook ups are available in the RV parking area.

What do I do if I need support at camp?
You can find support and guidance at the Camper Support Center in City Center where there will be a collective schedule, map, and med tent.

If I need power for my offerings, will it be provided?
You are on your own for power on the land.

Is this camp setup for accessibility?
This experience will be accessible to wheelchairs if they are equipped with rugged tires. We have shuttles on the land to transport people to their tent area upon arrival. Also, if you're unable to camp, we have an RV parking area and RV parking passes available at checkout.

Experience FAQs

What are the ways I can share my offerings as a Nomad Camper?
You will have a 12ft by 15ft spot to camp and setup an offering if you'd like. There will be a few big tents where you can sign up to share a 30 minute experience with the community. You can sign up to share a 30 minute offering during the Nomad Ticket checkout experience. Or you can simply walk around and share your gift of being a human with whoever you bump into. It can be as simple as enthusiastic high fives!

I just want to attend camp and not have an offering, is that OK?
We definitely encourage you to receive abundant gifts from the community around you. With that being said, we ask that you come with something to share as well. It could be as simple as long hugs. There is no expectation to be in service for any amount of time during your experience.

I do have an offering to share, can I charge for my services?
We ask that you only share gifts freely during the experience. With that being said, we are opening up an open blanket market for campers to vend and receive money. This will happen after closing ceremony from 11am to 1pm on Sunday 3/31.

How can I enjoy other camper services if I’m busy providing services?
There is no expectation to be in service for any specific amount of time. You can share or not share whenever you feel called. It is what feels good for you.

How can I get involved in a Community Village?
To become a part of a Community Village, you can apply with your idea here by 2/9. If you get selected, you need to have at least 9 other people join your crew to be able to bring your Community Village to life. The only other way to be in a Community Village is if you know someone who is a Village Leader and they invite you to join.

What are the boundaries for this event being sober?
We invite campers to participate in creating a 4 day sober container. Items like drugs, alcohol, psychedelics are not permitted. Medicine options for camp include items that do not significantly alter states like Cacao, tea and coffee.

I am on a special diet, what kinds of offerings will there be?  Can I cook my own food?
At Habibi Village, there will be organic options, gluten-free options, vegan options, meat options, water and tea. You can get a food pass for the weekend at checkout, or you can buy individual meals at camp. Habibi Village opens for lunch Thursday and closes after breakfast Sunday morning. Yes, you can always bring your own food for the experience.

I need electric for my offering, is that possible?  
You will be on your own for power out on the land and in the Villages.

What opportunities are there for me to play my instrument or DJ?
If you are in Nomad Village, you can play near your tent, anywhere on the land, or you can sign up to play a set for 30 minutes in one of the large Nomad Village offering tents.

Are there areas for me to do some solo time journaling and doing yoga in nature?
Absolutely. Wonderfield is a 66 acre nature reserve and we have access to the entire thing. There are many natural spaces for you to walk through the trees or by the river to take space during camp.

I don’t know anyone in this community, what is the best way to get connected?
The best recommendation is to ask people "what gift did you choose to share this weekend?" Everyone will have an answer that can lead to deep conversations and powerful experiences. Another option is to go to the Community Villages and explore their offerings. People will be ready to connect. You can also go to City Center and get support from our Camper Success Team! They're here to support you in feeling seen, heard and cared for during your experience at camp.

The 5 Pillars of Camp Sacred City
These core principles are the foundation of how we show up together in all Sacred City containers. Please only join us if these feel in full alignment and you are fully committed to embodying each one at Camp. With that being said, Sacred City does not believe this is how all experiences must be in the world, we just enjoy this particular type of container for our events. With reverence and love, we encourage anyone to opt in if they want to try it on, or opt out if it doesn't feel aligned.

•Sacred | experience the magic of presence
•Silly | experience the playfulness of expression
•Safe | experience the nourishment of acceptance
•Sober | experience the medicine of an unaltered mind
•Sovereign | experience the freedom of consent

Some Community Boundaries
•Drug, alcohol & psychedelic free experience. Items like tea, coffee and Cacao that are not the cause of significantly altered states are permitted.
•Treat other campers with kindness.
•Leave the land just as you found it.
•No pets on the property.
•This is a kid-friendly experience as long as they are supervised.
•Kids under 12 can come for free. Up to 2 per person.

See you at Camp Sacred City!

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