Manifest - Awaken to Conscious Achievement Premium

Sat. Oct 24, 2020 at 12:30pm EDT
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All Ages
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All Ages
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Manifest - Awaken to Conscious Achievement Premium



A Virtual Live Mystic Process by SRI PREETHAJI

What is so powerful about this first-ever Conscious Achievement Manifest?

The Achievement Manifest will:

 Unlock the doors of your consciousness, not to a single achievement in life, but to a state of being where you can manifest enduring achievements

Empower you to manifest your achievements, free of the typical internal burnout, AND free of the external burnout on the earth by greed

Lead you beyond a selfish, survival consciousness to a playful, inclusive consciousness


In the Limitless Field Meditation with Sri Preethaji, you will be led into a space where thinking and stillness alternate. From this inner emptiness, you manifest achievements from the all-permeating field of Universal Intelligence.

Prior to MANIFEST: For a deeper immersion experience, you may choose MANIFEST Premium. Included with Premium are two 90-minute wisdom lessons offered by an EKAM faculty member. These post MANIFEST processes are designed to help you assimilate and reconnect to the wisdom and processes you experienced with Sri Preethaji during the mystic MANIFEST process.

Don’t miss this opportunity for you and your loved ones to experience the 3-hour MANIFEST: Conscious Achievement.

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2021

Time: 8:30AM - 11:30AM PDT


1. Wisdom video: You will get to listen to the timeless wisdom from Krishnaji and Preethaji that will give you further clarity into what you received in Manifest.

2. Review of manifest - You will also get to review the important points of the Manifest you underwent, so that you can reconnect to the wisdom received in the Manifest.

3. Practice - You will receive a practice that you can do everyday until you come to the next Manifest.

4. Process - Apart from these, you will also be put through a process with a specific intention. This process will reconnect you with the process you underwent at Manifest.

5. Blessing meditation with the founders -  You will be led through a blessing meditation (live or recorded) with either Krishnaji or Preethaji to receive the complete fruit of your process. 

6. There will be a Q&A session with the faculty.

All the above will be covered in 2 sessions 90 minutes each on 2 consecutive days.

Exactly 1 week after the manifest, on Saturday 9:30am PDT and Sunday 9:30 am PDT.

MANIFEST is a powerful, three-hour online process, guided by Sri Preethaji that will Awaken your Consciousness to conscious achievement

Beyond her wisdom, meditations and mystical processes, Sri Preethaji will bless us with the Limitless Field Meditation.

Saturday, October 17, 2020
8:30AM - 11:30AM PDT

It is a rare opportunity to be taught by this mystic philosopher sage, who has helped transform the lives and consciousness of millions of people worldwide.

Please gather your families and friends, co-workers and neighbors, and receive the gifts that await you!


About Sri Preethaji ~

Sri Preethaji is a philosopher-sage who impacts people around the world through the power of her consciousness.

In her wisdom teachings, Sri Preethaji creates a convergence between the two worlds - the scientific and the transcendental; the intellect and the heart.

Learning from Sri Preethaji awakens us to a new consciousness, a new life and the power to create a new world.

Please encourage your near and dear ones to register now!

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