5 AWAKENINGS - USA & Latin America

Sat. Oct 31, 2020 at 11:30am EDT
All Ages
Price: $999.00
All Ages
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Price: $999.00
All Ages
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5 AWAKENINGS - USA & Latin America


Most of us are not awake to life at all. We are lost in our day dreams, in our anxieties, in our longings and in our battle with loneliness. And we assume this to be normal. We live this way to the end of our days. The 5 Awakenings led by Sri Preethaji helps you to wake up and realise the true potential of your consciousness. 




There are states of consciousness from which you can access greater intelligence of the universe or the divine. On this journey of awakening you will have a direct personal experience of God consciousness. The divide between god consciousness and your individual consciousness begins to thin down.



Sri Preethaji takes you through a mystic process leading you towards freedom from addictive and destructive emotions, addictive attitudes and addictive habits. You taste the spontaneity of life freed of the habit driven mind.



Love is more than chemistry; Love is more than romance; Love is more than dependence. Love is a state of being. In this journey of awakening you awaken to a love that does not limit itself to the circumference of the ‘mine’. You awaken to expansive love.



This mystic journey lets you go past the anxieties of your future mind and the regrets of your past mind. Your mind has the potential to break through the matrix of illusionary anxiety and come to the present. Life becomes a celebration.



There is a spiritual dimension to you that holds the keys for unlocking the complete consciousness potential. On this fifth awakening Sri Preethaji will lead you through a powerful mystic process, which would correct the frequency of the vibrations of your chakras and awaken you to the great balance of life.


About Sri Preethaji ~

Sri Preethaji is a philosopher-sage who impacts people around the world through the power of her consciousness.

In her wisdom teachings, Sri Preethaji creates a convergence between the two worlds - the scientific and the transcendental; the intellect and the heart.

Learning from Sri Preethaji awakens us to a new consciousness, a new life and the power to create a new world.
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31st October, 8.30am -12.00pm PDT: 11.30am-3.00pm EDT 

1st November, 8.30am - 12.00pm PST: 11.30am -3.00pm EST 

2nd  November, 4.30pm -8.00pm PST: 7.30pm-11.00pm EST 

3rd  November,  4.30pm -8.00pm PST: 7.30pm-11.00pm EST 

4th November, 4.30pm -8.00pm PST: 7.30pm-11.00pm EST



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