Hawaiian Fern Medicine

Sat. Mar 5, 2022 10:00am - 12:00pm HST
18 and Over
Price: $55.00
18 and Over
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Price: $55.00
18 and Over
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Hawaiian Fern Medicine

Join Mindful Living Group as we host Ke'oni Hanalei, Hawaiian cultural practioner, as he leads a workshop on Pua’aehuehu, a very ancient Hawaiian tradition of using ferns as medicine dating back to 1800 BC. Pua’aehuehu holds the knowledge that 103 native and endemic Hawaiian ferns code for 103 human emotions.  Each planetary rotation, cycle, or year is governed in the leadership of one specific fern/emotion in the support of its consort. For 2022, that emotional governance is held in the esteem of KALAMOHO LAU LI’I, emotional INNOVATION. Energetically mascuine (house of the Verb), Kalamoho’s feminine consort is KĀ’APE’APE, emotional GRACE (feminine, house of the Noun).

Ke`oni Hanalei received this wisdom from a lineage of over 1,000 years "pre-polynesian" from his tutu Kau'ikeonalani, a powerful medicine woman, who passed this ‘ike (knowledge) down to him. Ke`oni shares with us Pua’aehuehu and Pohala which reachese back to a time of Mū or what many have named Lemuria. For many native people around the world, plants and the natural world are the uncorrupted resonance of God, or god energy.  This is the esoteric component of indigenous medicine.  The biological health benefits of plant material are widely recognized in all cultures and all social systems.  For the Ancient Hawaiians, botanicals have retained their sacred codes offered to them at conception, and unlike human beings, they have not forgotten how to interact with these codes, or its essence.  The human being is made up of countless emotional experiences; this is an interplay of reception and reaction.  The ancient people knew that recognition and understanding of Mans emotions are supreme in living a balanced, harmonious life full of Aloha.  The spores of endemic and indigenous Hawaiian Ferns, Pua’aehuehu, hold such codes which correlate to specific human emotions, traits, and virtues, which I refer to as The Principles of Aloha.  Aloha, or love, truly is the highest possible vibration in this reality. This is Pōhala.

In this interractive workshop, Ke'oni Hanalei will discuss the discovery of innovation as an emotion and how innovation is supported by grace, as well as how innovation and grace are alchemized in Right Relation as "movement of a prayer". The workshop will center on the emotional exploration of Innovation and Grace and how we can apply them in our practical lives. The workshop will be both gaining knowledge and experiencing a group medicinal use of the hydrosols. These hydrosols are not considered a hallucinogenic in any form and may be experienced much like homeopathy of emotion. 


This workshop will be held in the courtyard of Mindful Living Group at Park Plaza. 1300 N. Holopono Street, Kihei, HI 96753. Questions email: [email protected] or call (808)206-9371. We look forward to living well with you and living aloha.


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