Life Centered Therapy Year I Weekend I Training

Fri. Oct 4, 2019 at 9:30am - Sun. Oct 6, 2019 at 6:00pm EDT
All Ages
Price: $750.00
All Ages
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Price: $750.00
All Ages
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Life Centered Therapy Year I Weekend I Training

Life Centered Therapy Training Program: The Ultimate Healing and Life-Manifestation System 

Discover how you can heal even the most difficult of conditions and manifest the life you truly desire to live…

Life Centered Therapy (LCT) reveals the healing and reality creation secrets of the ancient wisdom traditions, and integrates them with the latest developments in quantum physics, clinical psychology, neuroscience, and other disciplines.

In this course of study, you will be given the knowledge and techniques to access your deepest wisdom, heal your suffering, and materialize your dreams into physical reality.

LCT is a framework for healing and transformation that has helped thousands of people heal their difficulties and live lives of vitality and freedom.

Our Year I Training Program offers you the incredible opportunity to learn the simple, yet dynamic, LCT Five Step Process, with acclaimed teachers Dr. Andrew Hahn, Psy.D., and Joan Beckett, MBA, M.A, CAGS, L.M.H.C..

People all over the world have reported that this process is empowering and as positively life-changing as anything they have ever therapeutically experienced.

Whether you are a healer or a seeker, you will learn how to heal your own and others’ chronic pain, asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, bad relationship patterns, PTSD, limiting and negative beliefs, chronic fatigue syndrome, phobias, addictions, and even seemingly unexplainable physical and mental conditions…

You might be wondering how a single system can treat such a range of problems that each have a seemingly infinite number of purported treatments in the world today that have limited success?

The answer lies in one simple yet potentially radical notion: all of our  difficulties are the living out of stories which we could not integrate and that are perhaps out of our awareness. These difficulties therefore are also an opportunity, an invitation to find these stories and be in a different relationship to them. When we do this, we are able to release the hold they have on us. 

In our experience with thousands of clients, these presenting difficulties often resolve and/or our attitude about them changes so much, that we no longer think of them as difficulties.

The system relies on the fundamental notion that who we are is energy and once this energy is created, it remains coherent, and never dies. So while we know that we, on some level, will die, on another level we could say that the energy that animates us will go on forever. 

Since this energy is consciousness, and since energy and matter are exactly the same thing, we know that the energy of our consciousness could manifest as matter over and over and over again. 

This explains the Indian concept of Karma with its beliefs that we have many lifetimes, each an opportunity to further evolve our souls. It also implies that the stories we are holding that are causing our difficulties, may not necessarily be from only our current lifetime.

LCT integrates this notion with the revelations from ancient mysticism and post-modern physics that we live in a holographic universe that is an interplay of energies. 

Our biological bodies are holographic expressions of subtle energies, and while our DNA and cellular processes may direct our physiological programming, their instructions are encoded for in both an invisible field of subtle energy that surrounds us known as the human energy field and the quantum field.

The quantum field is a vibratory informational matrix that we live in which holds multiple potential realities that we can spontaneously move among when we focus our consciousness with intention and non attachment.

With these fundamental knowings at the core of our system, Life Centered Therapy has been able to create results that appear to be “miraculous” to modern science, medicine, and psychology. 

By accessing and resolving the stories creating our suffering, we immediately transform the subtle energies in our field that are a manifestation of our soul’s experiences and traumas. This transforms the master program for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and expression. 

As a result, a new vibration is created, sending out new signals to the quantum field and instantaneously changing the life experiences you attract to yourself. 

In other words, you experience a quantum leap in your health, happiness, vitality, wisdom, life satisfaction, success, and ability to create the life you truly intend to live.

By healing these stories you are also transforming your inner world - releasing traumas, scars, and stories deeply embedded in your subconscious that were creating unwanted feelings, perceptions of yourself and the world, and patterns of behavior. 

Our research has shown that the revolutionary techniques in Life Centered Therapy immediately induct you into deep levels of mind, where you can truly become aware of and heal the stories and traumas that are ruling your subconscious that may have previously been out of your awareness.

After this process your energy field heals and re-patterns itself, and physical and emotional healing that may have been unachievable after years of working in traditional frameworks can be achieved in just minutes.  

Whether you are a healer looking to bring your results with clients to a whole new level, or a seeker looking to discover your inner power, be your own expert, and be the architect of your life, this training is for you. In it, you will...


  • Learn how to access your deepest level of wisdom, your Chi, to heal traumas and stories that may be out of your awareness, and shape reality with your intention

  • Resolve your own symptoms ranging from depression to chronic pain with a simple yet elegant five step process

  • Transcend stories that are holding you back from living the life you desire. Whether they originated in your life, or you inherited them genetically or through past life trauma, you will learn how to effectively free yourself from these stories once and for all

  • Experience healing of your physical body and mind by working with their master programmers: your etheric, mental, emotional, causal, soul body, and more

  • Learn how to access your deepest level of wisdom and intuition that will guide you to more optimal life experiences

  • Learn how to facilitate all of these remarkable transformations and processes for others

  • And much, much more…


What Our Students and Clients Are Saying...

     “Life Centered Therapy is both fast and deep with immediate visible results. It is able to help resolve old physical and emotional pains in minutes...can’t recommend this work highly enough.” -Mahlia Riebeling, M.A. CPCC

     “It  was so powerful it bordered on unbelievable. I would have been skeptical had I not experienced the benefits of the work myself. I am grateful to  have found the work. But, more than that, I am grateful to be able to learn how to facilitate it. Wow, what an helping others in this way. I’ve learned never to say never.” - Engineer

This is far more than a training course - it is personal development at the deepest level. The experience was stunning, imbued with love, an incredible adventure of mind body and soul. Insights and clearing abounded, and perhaps for the first time, I had a true sense of how interconnected all life is. The experience of Life Centered Therapy was both moving and profound.  As an approach to therapy, LCT is amazing, embracing what you already know, and more, and turning it into a whole which is far greater than the sum of its parts. Healing occurs in simple, powerful and often surprising ways. And it seems to have a reach beyond that of other approaches. As an experienced therapist I can only say that I expect to be doing things somewhat differently now.  Whether you are a therapist looking to improve your ability or whether you are simply seeking to move forward on your personal journey, if you get the opportunity to learn or experience LCT, take it!”  ​-James Jameson, Psychotherapist in Dublin, Ireland

“I am the therapy-queen! GSH is the power tool version of therapy! I got two to three years’ worth of therapy in four months!  It works because when you are in the past life thing or the vision, you are “in” it and you get to do the work you need to do. And (the facilitator) is not guiding you, it’s your higher self. And your higher self knows what to do. That’s why it works – it’s completely beyond ego.” 


“The thing that amazed me after the first session – for the first time in several months I was singing along with the radio! I did not feel happy, I felt light – this is unbelievable! I required two sessions to clear the depression. I still can’t believe it, actually…I can’t even begin to describe the enormity of the change.”-Client 

"Through decades of exploring self-help and facilitated modalities, LCT has shown itself to be THE sublime masterwork of psycho-spiritual energy healing. The growth that results from an LCT session makes true impact across incarnations. An LCT session is a glimpse into the elegance, efficiency and effectiveness of that is the future of healing"-Client

“It’s the integration of all levels- body, intellectual and heart, the conscious and the unconscious…Most therapies… (don’t) get you anywhere near what happens in (LCT) sessions.”-Client

“I would characterize it as ‘miraculous.’ That a single hour of therapy can take the place of 20 years of therapy. That the power of the mind and body can come together and heal physical ailments. No, this isn’t a miracle. It’s a miracle that human beings have figured out how to do this.”-Client

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