Living Your Highest Potential

Thu. Aug 1, 2019 at 5:30pm PDT
All Ages
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All Ages
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Price: Free
All Ages
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For the past 8 years Ishtara, channeled through Holly Hawkins Marwood, has been guiding audiences all over the world to transcend the limitations of 3D, move to a higher level of consciousness, and embrace their multidimensionality.

In Ishtara’s words:

“I am here at your unspoken request to teach you a way in which healing can occur in this realm through a connection, or coupling, or interaction, with realms beyond what you experience in your three-dimensional lives.  The healing manifests in the physical body. The healing manifests in how people look at the world around them, which would mean how they feel about it and how they think about it in terms of their mental processes.  All of these impact their third dimensional experience of life.”

Please join Paul & Holly Marwood, co-founders of new multidimensional modalities, international speakers, teachers and guides in this powerful, complimentary evening event. Holly will channel Ishtara who will provide new teachings to help you experience and embody your Highest Potential more deeply.

Overview of the online webinar:

  • Holly & Paul will explain what it means to live from your Highest Potential

  • Why we are not living from our Highest Potential most of the time

  • Benefits of being more aligned, with your Highest Potential

  • How you can connect, live and be in greater alignment with your Highest Potential

  • Share every day tips in how to implement this

  • Guided meditation for you to experience your higher potential

  • Live Channeling from Ishtara on this topic

  • Q & A + Sharing

  • Experience a guided group immersion into the Unified Field, aligning you with a greater experience peace, centeredness and entrainment to the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

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