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Enter the mystic realm of the 12 chakras with Sri Preethaji in this all-new Manifest journey! 

Each month, Sri Preethaji will beautifully guide you through a Mystic Process to awaken and harmonize your chakras, shifting your consciousness to a new reality, awakening the potential for profound transformation, and creating a magnificent vibrational frequency of abundance all around you!

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During this 12-month spiritual adventure, you will be guided to –

  • Open the doorway to Higher Intelligence and transcendental experiences

  • Quiet the mind and experience deep inner stillness

  • Fill your life with beautiful states of peace, joy, and heart connection

  • Expand your intuition

  • Experience complete relaxation and deep healing of the body at a cellular level

  • Find great creativity, harmony, and fulfillment in life

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Sri Preethaji is an Enlightened Mystic. Receiving her spiritual wisdom, meditations, processes, and blessings will not only help you fulfill your dreams and wishes, but also help you experience great peace, joy, compassion, and Oneness in your life.

Register now and experience the incredible power and presence of Universal Intelligence in your life!

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Manifest Membership (EUR) 24 - 12 months 8424214-Std24 600.00 €
Manifest Membership Premium (EUR) 24 - 12 months 8424214-Prem24 1,200.00 €