200Hr Mantra Teacher Training & Study Immersion

Sat. Oct 15, 2022 - Sun. May 21, 2023
18 and Over
$2,800.00 - $3,300.00
18 and Over
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$2,800.00 - $3,300.00
18 and Over
Event Description

Early Bird Rates: Register and pay in full before August 15, 2022 for reduced pricing. Training begins October 15, 2022! Payment plans are available. 

In-Person or Virtual!


Yoga Alliance Certified!

Welcome to the continued teachings of Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Farrand)...

Join Senior Teacher, Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel, and guest teachers, for this extraordinary opportunity to immerse in the ancient sound of Sanskrit mantra. Explore the transformative power of chant, ceremony, yoga and meditation in an 8-month training.

*A note about COVID-19: This training has both an in-person option at The Yoga Space in Keene, NH or an online option. If you have any questions, please email Rajeshwari at [email protected]. 

OCTOBER 2022 – MAY 2023

The 200-Hour Mantra Teacher Training & Study Immersion is offered in a weekend format which provides trainees with concentrated weekend study once a month and then ample time to assimilate and apply the teachings in the interim. We will meet one weekend each month, Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM (EST), from October 2022 to May 2023. Times are subject to change depending on group needs and time zone.

Guest Teachers include: (to view full bios, please click here)

Bill Barry (Bharata) - Philosophy and Mantra

Jill Jardine - Astrology, Planetary mantras

Bhavani Lorraine Nelson - Sanskrit Study, Voice Presentation

Brenda McMorrow - Kirtan Artist

Larissa Hall Carlson - Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

Carmen Buckley - Yoga Instructor/Asana Practice

Daria Montferrante - Sacred Art/Mala Making

200hr Mantra Teacher Training Manual Chapters

Part One-Introduction: Welcome, Vision Statement, Invocation, Foreward

Part Two-Foundational Studies: History/Scriptures, Lineage, Terms, The Eternal Sound of Om, The Purusha Suktam

Part Three-Mantra: Mantra Energetics, Mantra Japa Meditation, The Mala, Creating a Home Altar, Seed Mantras/Chakra Bija Mantras

Part Four-Ganesha: The Ganesha Loka, The Sthava Raja Hymn, Subramanya

Part Five-Narayana & The Masculine Trinity: Narayana, The Naranyana Suktam, Brahma, Vishnu, The Avatars of Vishnu, Shiva

Part Six-Shakti & The Feminine Trinity: Shakti, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga, Additional Feminine Forms

Part Seven-The Gayatri Mantra: The Sun/The Planets, Health, Abundance, Relationships, Addictive Behavior, Guidance/Protection, Spiritual Advancement, Inner/Outer Guru, Divine Love, Balancing Masculine/Feminine, Water/Food/Travel Blessings

Part Eight-The Art of Teaching: Mantra Applications, Mantra as a Business, Sample Business Plan, Basics of Ayurvedia/Self-Care, Yoga/Pranayama, Meditation

Part Nine-Practice, Review, Closing: Writing Assignments, Practice Forms, Teacher Discipline, Review, Twameva Closing Verse



In-Person Training: (YA certified) The In-Person training takes place at The Yoga Space, 82 Washington St., Keene, NH.

Includes: Training Manual, Mantra Handbook and Mantra Recordings, 8-month training sessions with monthly homework assignments, Monthly Emails and Training Session Recordings, Private Mentoring with Rajeshwari, Guest Teachers, Kirtan, Sacred Art Projects, Vedic Ceremony and Concluding 4-day Retreat.


Online Training: (Live Stream is YA certified) An Online Option is available for the 200-hour training. To be certified, you must live stream and participate in all weekend sessions and the Concluding Retreat. The Online Training Option is a wonderful alternative for international students or for those who cannot travel to Keene, N.H. monthly.

Includes Training Manual, Mantra Handbook and Mantra Recordings, 8-month training with monthly homework assignments, Monthly Emails and Training Recordings, Private Mentoring with Rajeshwari, live stream-in to weekend sessions and Guest Teachers, Kirtan, Sacred Ceremony and the Concluding 4-day Retreat.

*Please note: To stream live for our sessions, you will need 1) a dependable device which has speakers, a microphone and a video camera with HD video quality, 2) high speed internet connection - broadband wired or wireless of at least 3G for optimal performance.

*Additional perk for all - Free membership at The Yoga Space for yoga classes with Raji (in-person or virtual) from Oct. 2022 - May 2023.


Training dates 2022: October 15/16, November 5/6, December 3/4

Training dates 2023: January 7/8, February 4/5, March 4/5, April 1/2, April 29/30, May 18-21 Concluding 4-day Retreat at The Yoga Space in Keene, NH.


The schedule of the trainings are designed to give an intensive experience to help cultivate awareness, discipline, personal transformation and skills needed to teach materials presented safely and effectively. Honoring Yoga Alliance requirements, trainees are required to attend all sessions. 


The training concludes with an immersive retreat experience providing trainees with the opportunity to come together in practice and celebration, as we honor the teachings in sacred space. Concluding Retreat includes training review, practice teaches, yoga classes, guest teachers, private mentoring, testing, evaluations, graduation ceremony and celebration at The Yoga Space in Keene, NH. Attending the retreat in-person is not mandatory but hightly suggested! 

Accommodations, meals and travel for the concluding retreat are not included in the training fee. 



You will cultivate gifts of true spiritual knowledge and deep personal transformation. You will learn how to:

~Deepen your knowledge and experience of Sanskrit mantra,

~Learn the healing and transformative powers of applying Sanskrit mantras to common problems in everyday life,

~Teach and apply mantra in yoga classes, body-mind related therapies plus additional populations/venues, 

~Tap into the power of mantra as a personal study immersion for self-awareness, healing, personal transformation and freedom!

Guided with care by our expert teachers, our immersive curricula will prepare you to teach mantra related practices with confidence and depth of knowledge, cultivating your unique style and fullest potential. 



~History of Mantra, Scriptural Background, Lineage of Namadeva Acharya

~Overview of Yogic Philosophy; Patanjali’s 8-fold Path, Yoga Sutras, Teacher Ethics

~Introduction to Seed Sounds, Classical Mantras, Sanskrit Hymns

~Mantra Japa Meditation: Various Disciplines (both verbal & written), Steps for Practice, Mala Use, Altar Practices

~Mantra Applications; In-depth Study, Meaning & Use

~Participation in 21-Day and 40-Day Mantra Disciplines

~Anatomy and Physiology, Physical/Energetic; Chakras, Prana, Nadis, Koshas, Karma

~Energetics of Mantra; Sanskrit Alphabet, Pronunciation, Power of Sound; how mantras work directly on our energetic bodies for deep transformation

~Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation

~Basics of Ayurveda; Doshas, Gunas, Healthy Lifestyle & Daily Self-Care

~Vedic Gods & Goddesses; Principles, Symbology, Application

~Transformation through Sacred Art & Vedic Ceremony

~Guest Kirtan Artists; Devotional Music, Song & Mantra

~Mantra Teachings; Class, Workshop, Retreat Design

~The Art of Teaching; General Principles

~Mantra as a Business; Key Elements, Vision & Marketing

~Practice Teach Sessions, Certification, Graduation Ceremony

Sanskrit mantra is a vital part of the yogic path; it combines sound, awareness, sense withdrawal, focus, concentration, and meditation. Mantras can be used as a primary practice and can also be combined with the physical practices of yoga. With the increased popularity of yoga today and the abundance of certified yoga teachers around the globe, it is vital to merge these practices with authentic and proper teachings. This one of a kind training is a unique opportunity!


(as determined by Yoga Alliance)

Teaching, training and practice: 100
Teaching methodology: 25
Anatomy and physiology: 20
Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics for teachers: 30
Practicum: 10
Other: 15
Total: 200 


You will receive a complimentary 200-Hour Mantra Teacher Training & Study Immersion Manual, a supplementary Mantra Handbook, and recorded materials by Rajeshwari.

Additional Required Reading: (not included in tuition fee)
1) Healing Mantras by Namadeva Acharya

2) Shakti Mantras by Namadeva Acharya

3) The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (suggested version by Sri Swami Satchidananda)


"Raji is an angelic human being; she is serviceful, mindful and loving." -Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh, Singer/Peace Activist/Author

"The care and love that shine through Raji's teachings are great blessings to all. " -Brenda McMorrow, Sacred Music Singer/Songwriter

"Raji embodies the living and creative expression of a powerful mantra lineage. She has a unique gift of bringing forth dynamically effective and engaging mantra sadhanas, inspiring a global community of students to embrace these transformative and healing spiritual practices. Her mantra sadhanas have been a vital part of my own spiritual life for the past several years." -Girish, Music Artist/Teacher/Author

"There is no one I would want to study with more. I recommend Raji to all my students who want guidance in their individual mantra practice." -Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, Singer/Songwriter/Kirtan Wallah/Inspirational Teacher

I feel more secure in myself and in the world. These are such powerful tools to have.-Carol Ferlini, Graduate-200hr Mantra Teacher Training

​​“I have transformed so much. Emotionally stronger, physically vibrant.-Linda Davison, Graduate-200hr Mantra Teacher Training

About Rajeshwari

Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel, E-RYT-500, yoga and mantra teacher, dancer, artist, Phoenix Rising yoga therapist, Usui Reiki master, and ordained Vedic pujari/priest. After a career in dance, Gretchen became a Kripalu Yoga teacher in 1993. In 2006, she was graced and blessed to meet her Guru, Namadeva Acharya (Thomas-Ashley Farrand).  This was a time of major importance and initiation in her life. Working closely with Namadeva, she became certified in mantra therapy and ordained in Vedic ceremony. Gretchen is the studio owner/director of The Yoga Space in Keene, New Hampshire 2003-present, and is the founder/training director of the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Mantra Teacher Training & Study Immersion and the 300-hour Advanced Mantra Teacher Training. In addition to Raji’s teachings at The Yoga Space, she shares her wisdom with online and in-person workshops and retreats at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, as well as other yoga studios, festivals and retreat centers. 

For a full bio, please visit: https://www.mantrateachertrainings.com/raji


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