Nine Principles To Support People With Presence

Sun. Aug 11, 2019 4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT
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All Ages
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Price: Free
All Ages
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Calling healers of all kinds! Announcing a free workshop this Sunday to add to your healing toolkit...

Delve into the power of Inner Presence Inquiry as a powerful methodology that combines the best of Eastern awakening practices with Western experiential psychology. This innovative integration serves as a powerful framework to help clients tap into their own intuitive wisdom to penetrate self-limiting stories, dissolve stagnant pain, and experience deep personal awakening.

Explore the 9 principles of effortless self-correction to:

1) Hold a high degree of presence to prevent from inadvertently adding to clients’/students’ conditioning and constriction.

2) Cultivate insights that come from an emotional, experiential level, rather than an intellectual level.

3) Prioritize meaningful experiential work that yields transformative insights that are not possible with talk about or story about engagements.

4) Pay attention to context to bring clarity and focus and allowing emotionally rich material to emerge.

5) Hold a non-pathological regard by dropping all labels to free clients/students from being trapped in a belief that something is wrong with them or something is missing.

6) Allow your support in a session to be gentle, non-invasive, and client-directed.

7) Support clients/students with non-prescriptive contributions.

8) Work in the present with clients/students to reduce their identification with parts of them that are connected with past or future stories.

9) Verify that effortless self-corrections have happened or are fully integrated to prevent false positives, or contrived “positive construct” type transformations that are not lasting.

Inner Presence Coaching is a facilitated inquiry method that supports individuals to use the power of their own presence to efficiently and safely emotionally access core unconscious beliefs and limitations for effortless transformation.

About Jerry Donoghue
Jerry is a Master Spiritual Coach who specializes in training helping professionals in gentle, non-invasive, non-prescriptive approaches to support that rely on the clients’/students’ innate intelligence. He draws on his many years of teaching people compassion, self-compassion, and nondual awareness work to create this dynamic Inner Presence Inquiry Work. Early on, he saw the efficiency and beauty of making our daily lives our meditation cushion. He shows us in a totally practical and deeply experiential way, how to fully enter, embrace, and be present to the disowned, painful, and rejected part of ourselves. His nurturing grounded presence trains helping professionals to go deep quickly and safely with their clients and students.

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