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“You can, with work and dedication, take on the very qualities of the goddess herself. Why? Because she already lies within you.”  Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Namadeva Acharya

Free 3-Part On-Demand-Video Series

Join Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel in the practices of Mantra Japa Meditation honoring the power of the goddess! Mantra Japa is an ancient meditative tool that can reduce karma and ease suffering, bringing you closer to your true potential. Anyone can participate. You do not need to have any previous experience with yoga or mantra or have any specific spiritual belief to fully receive the benefits.

Awaken the goddess within

Shakti, meaning “power” or “empowerment”, is the primordial cosmic energy, the creative power of the universe, the electric current that runs through your body and in nature, the very pulse of life made manifest.  

Shakti powers everything. It powers the entire cosmos, the evolving universe, and the evolution of consciousness within us. As the Shakti, coiled at the base of the spine, makes its way up the spine to the top of the head, it activates the major chakra energy centers, pierces the veils of ignorance, and can bring you to complete liberation. 

Embody the beauty and strength of goddess energy

As you chant the sacred words of the goddess, you take on the qualities in their perfected state. These celebrated deities offer purity, compassion, increased creativity, clarity of wisdom, power and skill, radiant spiritual energy and dynamic manifestation. Awaken, allow and experience these energies to a state of total freedom. 

Experience power and joy within you

Through the practices of Mantra Japa Meditation, you will experience:

  • The Wonder and Wisdom of Goddess Saraswati 

  • The Beauty and Abundance of Goddess Lakshmi

  • The Strength and Justice of Goddess Durga

  • The Nourishment and Devotion of Goddess Parvati

  • The Destruction and Power of Goddess Kali

Find justice and right action

At a time when world events feel heightened and the inner landscape of your personal journey continues to karmically unfold, practices such as mantra meditation can soothe and ground the spirit. Being reminded of the deep well of abundance and connection within and around you is vital during these times. It gives you an anchor to rest upon, a wellspring to relax into, a familiar, safe refuge.

Feel the wealth of abundance and infinite blessings

Chanting the ancient vibrations of Sanskrit, you will build the energy internally, bathe in light and expand/utilize these energies in whatever form is needed in your individual life. In doing so, you affect all beings.

Whether you seek balance in the areas of physical or mental health, finances/career, relationships, or spiritual advancement/illumination, mantra disciplines give the opportunity to accelerate the journey of personal transformation.



"Raji is an angelic human being; she is serviceful, mindful, and loving." -Snatam Kaur, Singer/Peace Activist/Author

"The care and love that shine through Raji's teachings are great blessings to all. " -Brenda McMorrow, Sacred Music Singer/Songwriter

"Raji embodies the living and creative expression of a powerful mantra lineage. She has a unique gift of bringing forth dynamically effective and engaging mantra sadhanas, inspiring a global community of students to embrace these transformative and healing spiritual practices. Her mantra sadhanas have been a vital part of my own spiritual life for the past several years." -Girish, Music Artist/Teacher/Author

 "There is no one I would want to study with more. I recommend Raji to all my students who want guidance in their individual mantra practice." -Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, Singer/Songwriter/Kirtan Wallah/Inspirational Teacher

I feel more secure in myself and in the world. These are such powerful tools to have.-Carol Ferlini, Graduate-200hr Mantra Teacher Training

​​ “I have transformed so much. Emotionally stronger, physically vibrant.-Linda Davison, Graduate-200hr Mantra Teacher Training

About Raji

Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel, E-RYT-500, yoga and mantra teacher, dancer, artist, Phoenix Rising yoga therapist, Usui Reiki master, and ordained Vedic pujari/priest. After a career in dance, Gretchen became a Kripalu Yoga teacher in 1993. In 2006, she was graced and blessed to meet her Guru, Namadeva Acharya (Thomas-Ashley Farrand).  This was a time of major importance and initiation in her life. Working closely with Namadeva, she became certified in mantra therapy and ordained in Vedic ceremony. Gretchen owned/directed The Yoga Space in Keene, New Hampshire from 2003-2023, and is currently the founder/training director of the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Mantra Teacher Training & Study Immersion and the 300-hour Advanced Mantra Teacher Training. In addition to Raji’s teachings at The Yoga Space, she shares her wisdom with online and in-person workshops and retreats at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, as well as other yoga studios, festivals, and retreat centers. 

For all classes, workshops and trainings, please visit: mantrateachertrainings.com 

For a full bio, please visit: https://www.mantrateachertrainings.com/raji


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