Heart Healing Holistic Therapy Grief Retreat, Maui

Fri. Apr 12, 2024 at 3:00pm - Tue. Apr 16, 2024 at 11:00am HST
18 and Over
18 and Over
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18 and Over
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Heart Healing Holistic Therapy Grief Retreat, Maui

Pamela, CIAYT International board-certified yoga / holistic therapist and multi-certified life coach specialized in trauma and grief, is your host for Rebirth, a transformative, deeply healing experience and a returning to your soul's remembrance and purpose, a celebration of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind you while honoring your loved one, learning healthy ways to grieve the way your loved one wants for you, and learning to redefine your relationship with death in a way that supports and honors your love.

Imagine waking up in your tropical healing oasis, the "Home of the Divine", to the sounds of exotic birds and walking through gardens or to see the spectacular views of mountains, ocean, and a waterfall. You arrive for breakfast with fresh farm-to-table organic fruits or an optional yoga "rise and shine" and breathwork class beforehand. Your days will be filled with therapeutic workshops, group support with a community that gets the grief you are going through, nature therapy adventures and more!

Enjoy evenings of connection and community as we serve one another a farm-to-table meal. Imagine looking out into the vast multitude of stars in the night sky as the crescent moon lights up the ripples in the ocean's waves. There will also be restorative / yin and yoga nidra with sound healing in the evening.

Experience transformational holistic therapies, both group workshops and 1-1 grief support, deep healing, connection, giving and receiving, nature therapy, adventure, awakening, beauty, and peace. From this retreat, you will take with you a deeper connection to your own soul's passion and the soul friendships you form while you are here in the company and support of others. You will be equipped with practices to rebuild your life in a healthier, more integrated way that honors both your grief and renewed joy for living a full life where grief and joy can coexist harmoniously.

Yoga is a holistic lifestyle and a word that simply means connected; this retreat is a yoga postural class optional and provides beginner-friendly, gentle and restorative practices. For those with more yoga experience, this will be just as suitable for renewing your relationship with yoga as a gentle, supportive caregiver of your emotional and physical body. Sound healing, breathwork and meditation will be a part of these classes offered as well.

A sunrise or sunset with meditation at the peak of Haleakala volcano, a waterfall hike and organic, fresh farm-to-table meals with a plant-focused approach and a healthy meal preparation class are included too! We will explore together the healthy ways we can be supportive of our grief and one another, rebuilding our lives through building new healing connections in both our inner and external worlds.

We have included alot in this 5 day retreat so there is something life-changing for everyone. Grieving hearts most of all need time and space, and while there will be some of that weaved within our itinerary, if your needing more then we encourage you to take that for yourself. You may choose to extend your stay at the retreat center. Please inquire upon booking if you desire that. You will have access to the large saltwater pool, hot tub with incredible views, infrared sauna and free laundry and wifi during your stay.

If for unforeseen circumstances, we cannot accommodate one of the retreat's inclusions, we will substitute the best replacement possible. If you are not satisfied with the replacement item/event/activity then we will refund you the cost of the item/event/activity you did not attend/ receive/ participate in. This only applies to unforeseen circumstances such as weather issues that could cause us to have to substitute a replacement.


What is Included?

5 Days, 4 Nights in the Accommodation of Your Choice (Price varies)

*Grief Support Group & Transformative Holistic Therapy Workshops

*Two 30min. 1-1 Therapy Sessions Virtually, Before & After the Retreat

Nature Excursions: Beach, Waterfall Hike & Sunrise or Sunset atop Haleakala

Daily Breathwork, Yoga & Meditation (Beginner friendly & optional)

Restorative Yoga & Healing Sound Bath

Relaxing Nada Yoga Nidra & Somatic Movement

Nutritious Plant-Focused Organic Farm to Table Meals: 3 Dinners with

One being a Healthy Food Preparation Class

Daily Light Breakfasts, Lunches & Snacks

Water, Tea & Coffee provided (Please bring your water bottle)

Transportation provided (airport transfer not included)

Lei Making Art Therapy Workshop

Journaling with Prompts

Hot Tub, Saltwater Pool & Infrared Sauna

Free Wifi and Laundry On Site

Amazing Mountain, Ocean and Garden Views

Note: Fresh and plant-focused, Farm-to-table meals will give options: vegan (dairy-free), vegetarian and gluten-free friendly with eggs option for breakfasts also. We are trained in plant nutrition and will serve plenty of plant-sourced protein prepared with colorful fruits and veggies with delicious herbal seasonings and sauces. There will always be options at meals to please different diets and tastes.


What isn't Included?

*Flights (to/from OGG Kahului airport)

*Airport Transfer ($60 - $85 we can help arrange)

*Travel insurance (recommended)

*Additional nights lodging available through the retreat center for additional charge

*Additional services (massage, private yoga/ therapy, healing touch, sound healing, guided meditation) available for additional charge

One Meal, Lunch or Dinner, out in Paia is not included but all other meals are

We will not serve any meat at meals, but you have use of community kitchen

Tips not included and encouraged!

Volunteering not part of the retreat but highly encouraged if you extend your stay

Water bottle - We provide water but not a water bottle, so please bring yours!

Notes: *We are happy to assist you in arranging these for an additional charge. Additional nights lodging is offered by the retreat center at low cost to retreat participants.

•You will have use of the kitchen and refrigerator to store and prepare your own meat if desired. Depending on the schedule, generally, lunches will be lighter and we will enjoy an early dinner, and we may have a packed picnic-style meal on occasion if necessary.

•This retreat center is non-smoking and kindly asks those choosing to do so to walk down the road outside of the property to do so.

•This retreat is no-alcohol, so we kindly ask that you do not drink alcohol around other retreat participants and do not attend retreat activities drunk.

•Please treat this beautiful land as an extension of your beautiful self! Please love yourself, and love the land and its people and guests likewise. All of nature is interdependently connected with your nature.


A Message from your host:

Dear fellow grievers,

I would like to share with you a little about myself and how this special retreat came to be. In December 2016, my heart and world shattered before me as I spent two traumatizing weeks in the ER with my husband and had to leave without him. The year leading up to this had been our best yet as we had both matured after 14 years together to a place where we brought out the best in one another and supported one another's passions and interests.

He loved surfing and bicycling of all kinds, and he was a volunteer at local parks building bridges on the paths there. I had a passion for mentoring and supporting the healing of others since I was a teen, and this coupled with my love for yoga led me to study for my yoga teacher certification. As hard as it was after he "left", I continued to complete my RYT and sought out multiple life coaching and yoga certifications to "live each day to the max" as he commissioned me to do upon his death bed. I went on to become an international board-certified yoga therapist, which is a comprehensive holistic therapies graduate.

The populations of people I enjoyed serving broadened as my own life experiences expanded my empathy and passion for those who are faced with similar traumas and grief. Yoga philosophy taught me that everyone experiences traumas and grief/ losses in their lifetimes, usually many. It also taught me that we are a whole being fully equipped to not just survive but to emerge transformed and thrive despite all the tragic life experiences we are faced with. This in no way takes away from the pain we feel and the reality that grief is a life sentence, yet it reminds us we have a lifelong friend to hold our hand through it all. Practicing stillness and inner-listening also took me deeper into spiritual relationship with my most empowering friend of all, my higher power whom I call "God" or "Spirit" as in the one, connected Spirit of Love. I also believe it everyone's personal privilege to approach and define this relationship and their spirituality for themselves.

Yoga also taught me that there are ancient practices that just like meditation and prayer are not religion-specific but instead are intentional ways that we can facilitate deeper connection within ourselves, for we are spirits in bodies after all. Practicing every means of connection to the spiritual within me, my faith and its integrated weaving throughout my mind-body-soul, led me to rediscover more deeply my passionate soul's purpose that my angel husband has always been in support of. Your well-being is my passionate purpose, and my heart goes out, especially to the grieving hearts. I'd love to share these healing, holistic practices with you!

Spirit laid upon my heart the motivation to organize this holistic & yoga therapy retreat for healing grieving hearts in early August, the mutual birthday month of myself and my deceased husband. Maui was the first place to come to mind as it was our favorite place. Just a week later I heard of the fires, and I knew that this was an affirmation that I must move forward with Maui as the location of this retreat. The symbolism and the aloha spirit that makes Maui a special and resilient community add to the divine organization of this retreat, a truly special, supportive and transformative experience. My certifications as a CIAYT therapist, trauma and grief specialist, and multi-certified transformational life coach also add to this unique offering, and I am including both the group workshops AND 1-1 sessions with me as part of this retreat.

I love synchronicity and must share another affirmation that just came to me today. The date that this retreat ends, 4/16 is the anniversary of when my angel husband and I became a couple. I had no idea when I was deciding on the dates! I now know this will be the day that I will find a place to volunteer on Maui. We will not be volunteering as part of this retreat due to the time being limited; however, I encourage those extending their stay in Maui to consider volunteering. It will be very special if we could all bring or get a gift item to donate as part of this retreat, and items such as towels and wash cloths, toothpaste, shaving supplies, and like-new work clothes are all great things to donate.

When I lost my husband, the insensitivity at my workplace caused me greater depression. I couldn't believe that everyone thought two days was sufficient to grieve my lost love and life, the most important part of it suddenly gone. A manager thought I may like more challenging work to distract myself. Friends tried to be there for me but grew weary after a little time. There came a point where I needed a break from the routine my life had become to grieve more fully and to reconnect with my soul and heal so that I could truly live again. I took more than one of these sabbaticals because the first was so enlightening, uplifting and healing that I needed to make it an ongoing routine of its own. So much so that I began to facilitate retreats myself and give others experiences that last a lifetime by facilitating a support community and providing a healing oasis with guided, therapeutic practices that restore and renew us mind, body and soul. I would be so honored if you would join us in Maui!

We will stay at a Garden Farm Eco-Retreat Center surrounded by lush Hawaiian tropical rainforest, ocean and waterfall views with beautiful beaches nearby, and waterfall hiking, all along Maui’s northeast shore. This retreat center is your oasis, a sanctuary of deep healing. The center was born from a vision to create in harmony with the land, and it is truly a paradise! You will get to relax and let go in the retreat hot tub that overlooks 30 miles of untouched beach below the mountains. This view extends all the way to Hana!

This secluded hide-a-way is bathed in ocean trade winds and negative ions from the 150 foot waterfall just below. Maui is home to the great dormant volcano Haleakula where we will visit for the most spectacular sunrise or sunset viewpoint. The rich culture of Maui celebrates community, connection, compassion and kindness. "Aloha Spirit" is the marriage of mind and heart within each person and the collective connection as a community. This heavenly place invites you to relax, restore and renew your well-being.

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