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Thu. Jun 3, 2021 at 7:00pm - Mon. Jul 5, 2021 at 5:00pm PDT
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Join us for our 20-year celebration 
Self-Empowered Wisdom gathering: Emerging Stronger

As Consciousness evolves, it remains at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives. We are becoming more and more aware of how every thought we think, every word we speak, and every choice we make energetically affects all our relationships, our health and planetary evolution. We are truly creators and must appreciate the power and impact of our personal energetic imprint in our lives and in the collective field of humanity.

New tribes gather with old tribes. All focus on the evolution of humanity. We are leaving behind old paradigms that no longer serve us and dreaming into existence the new paradigm – a world that works for everyone. 

Take a moment to notice how far you've come. Really acknowledge yourself for that. It takes all of us to launch this new world. Join us to come together again as one heart June 3 - 6, 2021 to emerge stronger, more loving, and more aware.



7:00pm -  8:30pm PDT: Opening Ceremony featuring Jeva Uqualla


9:00am - 9:30am PDT: Opening Address with Dean Taraborelli

10:00am - 11:30am PDT: Sunny Dawn Johnston joined by Soul Musician Kris Voelker


9:00am - 9:30am PDT: Opening by Kelley Alexander JD

10:00am - 11:30am PDT: Gregg Braden presents Pure Human


12:00pm - 1:30pm PDT: Lynne McTaggart

2:00pm  -  3:30pm PDT: Dr. Beth McDougall MD

4:00pm  -  5:00pm PDT: Annual Panel Discussion with all weekend presenters

Jeva Uqualla, Havasupai Chief and Ceremonial Keeper

Uqualla is member of the Havasupi Tribe (people of the blue-green waters). From the Heart of the Grand Canyon, the Havasupai Tribe live in the most beautiful and remote areas of the western Grand Canyon. Supai village is located in Havasu Canyon, which is accessible only by foot, horseback, or helicopter.

Eons of ancestors have brought wisdom and teachings still relevant for the present times and people.

Uqualla will open Self-Empowered Wisdom with an ceremony that is a healing experience that comes from the Coyote Storytellers of old. Uqualla will use singing, signing, and dancing with a combination of live music to ignite the inner spiritual forces that promote self-healing.

Livestream: June 3 - 7:00pm - 8:00PM PDT - Our Complimentary GIFT

Dean Taraborelli

Dean Taraborelli will inspire you to open your heart and listen deeply to your soul's calling, and awaken to your path and purpose. Let go of a routine that no longer serves you and delve within, awakening to your most authentic self and embracing freedom and joy in an infinite field of possibility.

Dean is the Founder at the Sanctuary at Sedona. He has a BA in Political Science and is currently Senior teaching staff at Four Winds Society, an international school of energy medicine. His credentials also include being an Ordained Minister; a Certified Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator; a Founding Member Society for Shamanic Practitioners; a Member of Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology; a Member of National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies.

Livestream: June 4 - 9:00am - 9:30aM PDT - included w/Sunny Dawn Johnston


Sunny Dawn Johnston will be joined by Soul Musician Kris Voelker to bring in the energy of healing and change that we all are ready to experience... and create.

Stepping into your innate wisdom

  • Tapping into the Multidimensional You!

  • How your innate wisdom is showing up for you, even if you aren’t aware of it

  • Your secret superpower

  • The ONE gift that everyone has, that can provide you connection and healing immediately

  • The bigger picture of who YOU are and why YOU are here

Sunny is a transformational thought leader, changemaker, psychic medium and spiritual biz mentor. Author of twenty books, including her flagship bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, which have become the cornerstones for many of her keynote topics such as INTUITION, MEDIUMSHIP, and the ANGELIC REALM.

Livestream: June 4 - 10:00am - 11 :30aM PDT - $44

Kelley Alexander JD

Kelley Alexander will open and inspire us to reignite our sacred hearts. Defined by a vision of the future emerging as stronger and greater versions of ourselves.

Kelley Alexander is the co-director of The Sanctuary at Sedona and has worked over the last decade to develop its innovative Integrative Addiction Recovery Program that has helped hundreds of clients to be recovered from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Through her pioneering work, Kelley and her team at The Sanctuary also work with clients to overcome issues related to codependency, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. A JD and former practicing attorney, Kelley holds a BA in World Religions and has done graduate work in psychology. She is an ordained minister, certified shamanic breathwork facilitator, and a graduate of the Four Winds Healing The Light Body School, the premier energy medicine program founded by Alberto Villoldo.

Livestream: June 5 - 9:00am - 9:30aM PDT - included w/GREGG BRADEN


Pure Human: At The Crossroads of Biology and Technology

The science is clear—within each of us lies an extraordinary potential far beyond what was believed possible in the past.

New discoveries ranging from human evolution and genetics to the new science of neuro-cardiology (the bridge between the brain and the heart) have overturned 150 years of thinking when it comes to the way we think of ourselves, our origin, and our potential.

It’s this undisputable fact that sheds a new awareness, and new cautions, as we begin to embrace Artificial Intelligence, computer chip implants and exotic chemicals in our bodies, and the long-term implications of these advanced technologies in our lives. The implications are clear: when we replace our natural biology with artificial technology, our neurons, cells, unique abilities and coping mechanisms begin to atrophy. We lose the very qualities that we value, and cherish, as humans. How much of ourselves do we give away to the new technology? To answer this question, we must reveal the deep truth of our human potential—the new human story.

In this fast-moving, experiential, and highly visual presentation, Gregg Braden crosses the traditional boundaries between modern science and the wisdom of our past to reveal the power of the new human story.

This one-day presentation is packed with easy-to-understand science and proven techniques that awaken our extraordinary human potentials, including techniques to self-regulate:

  • Your immune response On-Demand!

  • Advanced states of deep-intuition On-Demand!

  • Advanced states of longevity On-Demand!

  • Advanced states of bio-plasticity, neuro-plasticity, and genetic plasticity for health, healing, rejuvenation, and regeneration!

  • Newly discovered classes of neurons and stem cells that give new meaning to longevity!

  • much more…

Join five-time New York Times bestselling author and Templeton Prize nominee Gregg Braden on this multi-sensory journey as he shares the discoveries that catapult us beyond the conventional thinking when it comes to awakening optimal states of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health and healing.

We live our lives, choose our relationships, heal our bodies and build our society based upon the way we think of ourselves—our story. When the evidence no longer supports the story, it’s time for a new story. It’s this simple fact that lies at the core of this new program: Pure Human: At the Crossroads of Biology and Technology.

Livestream: June 5 - 10:00am - 11:30aM PdT - $44

Lynne McTaggart is one of the central authorities on the new science and consciousness. She is the award-winning author of seven books, including the internationally bestselling The Intention Experiment, The Field, The Bond and The Power of Eight, and her books are in some 30 languages.

Lynne is also the architect of the Intention Experiments, a web-based ‘global laboratory,’ and she was prominently featured in the plotline of Dan Brown’s blockbuster The Lost Symbol.

  • RECOGNIZE the extraordinary power of focused thoughts to shift matter, from machines to human beings, and why we’re having an effect on everything around us at all times, particularly when we focus on something.

  • LEARN how intention gets supersized in a group – healing plants, waters, humans and entire populations.

  • EXPERIENCE for yourself the mirror healing effect of Power of Eight® small group intention, which not only affects the recipient but also amplifies as it reflects back on the senders.

  • TASTE the instant transformational state of oneness through The Power of Eight® experience – a fast track to the mystical and the miraculous.

  • DISCOVER the extraordinary power of altruism and ‘getting off of yourself’ to heal your own life.

Livestream: June 6 - 12:00Pm - 1:30PM PDT -$44


Your Pristine Blueprint: The Missing Key to Longevity and Reversing Disease

Dr. Beth McDougall will share how accessing her intuition helped her on your own healing journey. She will share real-life stories of dramatic recoveries with her patients as they learned to apply these fundamental principles to their lives.

We have an opportunity for a more expanded understanding about the nature of reality that opens up radically new solutions for personal and planetary health. Contemporary physics tells us that we exist within the Unified Field - a highly organized sea of infinite energy and information. Not only do we exist within it, but it exists within us and we and every other aspect of our material reality emerges as a unique expression of this limitless sea.

Within the Unified field you have a Pristine Blueprint that channels energy and provides the information that governs the formation, maintenance, and coordination of your body and physiology. Informed by your unique genetics, astrological influences at the time of your conception, as well as by the imprint of your soul; your blueprint becomes the template for your physical form and operating instructions for your exquisitely complex physiology. Your degree of health—and even the rate of your aging—directly correlates with how well your physical body resonates with your Pristine Blueprint and therefore how well you extract energy from the unified field funneled through the correct information. The solution for achieving vibrant health and reversing disease is possible through connecting to the exquisite intelligence of your body and ultimately to your Pristine Blueprint.

All of life is miraculous, but it is based on laws of physics and the nature of reality. When we understand how it works, we can create miracles predictably.

Our degree of health—and even the rate of our aging—directly correlates with how well your physical body resonates with our Pristine Blueprint and therefore how well we extract energy funneled through the correct information from the Unified Field.

  • Everything we encounter in our lives has a unique energetic signature. Some of these enhance resonance with our blueprint and some provide misinformation that interferes with our resonance. Accumulated misinformation begins to affect the quality of our health and life.

  • We will look at health and lifestyle choices through a new lens and different solutions for reversing disease.

  • Learn how to elevate the energetic vibrations of your body, your thoughts, your relationships, the food you eat and the water you drink to be in harmony with your Pristine Blueprint.

  • Learn about new technologies based on scientific understanding about the infinitely abundant, interconnected Unified Field. These technologies are being modeled after Nature herself, working in resonance with the Unified Field.

Beth McDougall, MD  is Founder and Medical Director of CLEAR Center of Health in Mill Valley, California. Long known as a medical detective, Beth McDougall MD, excels at unraveling complex, multifactorial conditions, and specializes in helping patients with chronic illness and neurodegenerative diseases. She is advancing a new paradigm, one at the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics to transform the practice of medicine and unlock the secrets to radical healing. Her book introducing this paradigm, Your Pristine Blueprint is due in Summer 2021.

Livestream: June 6 - 2:00Pm - 3:30PM PDT


Livestream: June 6 - 4:00Pm - 5:00PM PDT - all Weekend Presenters

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