Shakti Kirtan with Jaya Deva

Sat. Jun 10, 2023 at 7:00pm EEST
All Ages
Price: 10.00 €
All Ages
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Price: 10.00 €
All Ages
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Shakti Kirtan with Jaya Deva

Come to sing with Jaya Deva!

We will celebrate the goddess in the tradition of India with Kirtans in the style of chant and response.

Also we will share an interesting traditional story from India between the kirtans.

Thankful to Tassos and Elizabeth from Karma Yoga for organizing and hosting this event.

Date: Saturday 10th Jun
Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Karma Yoga Traditional School
Navarchou Votsi 8, Athens, Greece

Prebooked ticket : 10 Euro 
At the door: 15 euro
Seats Limited



Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini /

“Chant the name of the one who wIns always and is victorious, the one who bestows purity and austerity, the one who controls time and is older than time itself”


When we chant we go deeper into ourselves, to our presence, to the now, to the awareness.

We let ourselves to flow in the waves and vibrations of the mantras, and we go deeper and deeper.

When we chant, our feeling, our state of being changes, and thoughts and tendencies calm down.

And we experience the gunas, the three states, tamas, rajas, and finally we settle in sattva guna, a beautiful luminous state of being.


Jaya Deva has been immersed in the Bhakti tradition since born, he was initiated into chanting in ashrams and in the Siddha Yoga tradition since child.

Later on, he started playing harmonium in the Sangha of Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

In 2010 meet Krishna Das and his life changes in a radical way, left aside the path of Jnana Yoga and focused only in Bhakti Yoga and chanting. He learns the Hanuman Chalisa with Krishna Das and deeps the practice of harmonium in the tradition of Krishna Das.

In 2014 after a 6 months travel to India, finally takes the name of Jaya Deva while he is in Kainchi Ashram of Neem Karoli Baba.

From 2014 leads monthly kirtans in Barcelona, he chants to the main Hindu deities or devatas, with special focus to Shiva, Hanuman, Kali and Durga.

Also he has played in different European cities like Helsinki, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, and London and also in some local Festivals.

He has played in different temples and ashrams in India, in Bombay, Ganeshpuri, Rishikesh, Varanasi, Tiruvannamalai and as well in Bali, Singapore and Dubai.

His kirtan style is a classic chant and response kirtan, very influenced by Krishna Das kirtans in voice and melodies, his kirtans tend to be ecstatic and the experience is meditative and a yogic sadhana


During the pandemic Jaya Deva started playing Online in a daily basis, to continue the practice and to reach people who was locked in their homes or in need of sangha and connection.

During that time he was invited to play in the Holly Name Festival, and that was the first of many online events he played.

Through the One Mantra festival, organized a monthly international online event, where many kirtan wallahs joined, like Krishna Das, Gaura Vani, Kevin James, Satyaa & Pari just to mention a few.

Also the last 3 events where Fundraisers, the first one was for Tibet with the Tibet Relief Fund, and we raised over 6000€. The second one was for Nepal with the Gayatri Fundation where we raised abaout 2000€ and the third one was for India where we raised over 3000€ for differrent Go Fund Projects.

In 2022 when Krishna Das came to Tour Europe he toured around him and played myself in those cities, Vienna, London and Amsterdam and started a new period of playing in Europe more frecuently.

Now in 2023 he just came from India and also revolving around the two Kirtans of Krishna Das in India in February 2023, playing quite a few kirtans in Tiruvannamalai, Auroville and Rishikesh.

27th May - Oslo - Northern Light Yoga
28th May - Copenhagen - The Yoga Flat
30th May - Malmö - Yoga Kendra
3rd June - Stockholm - Yogarummet Björkhagen
10th Jun - Athens - Karma Yoga
18th Jun - London - Mantra Lounge
14th Jul - Barcelona - Bhakti Yoga Fest



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