The Beautiful State

Sat. Jul 7, 2018 at 9:00am - Sun. Jul 8, 2018 at 6:00pm EDT
All Ages
Price: $249.00
All Ages
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Price: $249.00
All Ages
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The Beautiful State

Join Us!

This 2-day course is a compelling inward journey that is full of transformation, powerful meditations, insights and growth. It is intentionally designed to help participants dissolve suffering/stressful states and live life from beautiful states of harmony, serenity, joy and love. All ages from 16 and up.

Why The Beautiful State?

The biggest addiction we have is not to drugs or alcohol. It is to the inner turmoil that we all think is normal. We think it's created by what's out there - the spouse, girl or boyfriend, the boss, the job, what life is throwing at us. We make decisions we know will cause chaos, anxiety and stress. And yet we keep making the same choices over and over again. The end result is loss of energy, and lack of connection to our life and those in it.

But what if it's in here? Inside. It is only from an inner beautiful state that we can live life vibrantly, fully and with choices that are good for us and others. So, how can we be in a beautiful state?

What is The Beautiful State Course?

The Beautiful State is designed to help dissolve the destructive patterns and forces of the unconscious and awaken you to the power of Higher Consciousness. An authentic shift in your consciousness occurs. You will experience peace with yourself and harmony with others. You will gain more clarity, and a greater zest in your life. And you can make better decisions. In other words you will learn how to nurture a beautiful state.

There will be a take-home meditation practice that will bring you into a state of calm, manifest heartfelt intentions and create unimagined results. At the end, you have the option to become a Oneness Blessing giver.

From One of the participants of The Beautiful State course, held in San Francisco:

“The real big shift for me is seeing that I have been building this business (of life) backwards. Instead of focusing on doing the right things, I now know that the right things will flow from doing the business (of life) from the beautiful state.”

- D.M. San Francisco

Go to the Tedx talk given by Preetha Ji (co-founder of O&O Academy). As you follow her talk and participate in the meditations, you will experience a taste of the Beautiful State. With over 1.5 Million views, you will understand what the buzz is all about.

NEW BONUS GIFT that was just added to this course: At the end of The Beautiful State course, those who desire can be initiated to become a Oneness Blessing / Deeksha giver.

This inner harmony allows you to impact the world in the most beautiful way.

Taught by One Consciousness Transformers trained at O&O Academy
Elizabeth & Catherine Scherwenka & Todd Simec

Elizabeth Scherwenka, an engaging and gifted teacher, consultant and facilitator. A joyous mother to a talented young man. She has led transformational workshops for corporate, government, artisans, and creatives for the past 20+ years. Her leadership brings an extraordinary quality of seeing a future trend and then building a pathway for others to walk successfully. For 14 years she has participated in programs at OO academy and now facilitates The Beautiful State Program.

Catherine Scherwenka, a successful entrepreneur, a globally recognized spiritual/yoga workshop facilitator, and a Mentor for the Youth, has led thousands of people through transformational experiences both in person as well as virtually. She is a facilitator of women’s retreats that focus on bringing balance into the Body.Mind.Spirit, and most recently, has been pioneering a recovery wellness program for the 1st responders of the 1 October incident in Las Vegas. Her passion as an O&O Transformer is to help guide people on how to go from living in a stressful state into a living in a beautiful state. 

Todd Simec, a computer programmer for 30+ years, a runner for 25 years, a seeker for 10+ years and an O & O academy participant for 3+ years. After spending a lifetime programming computers for a living it was time to learn how to de-program myself from life patterns that were not serving me. O & O academy has gently helped me to greater self-confidence, more inner peace and an ability to more easily flow with the experiences of life.

Times: Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Sunday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Restaurants in the Area For Lunch: TBD

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