The Rise of Feminist Power, ERA and ReEvolution!

Sat. Jun 4, 2022 9:00am - 9:45pm PDT
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Price: Free
18 and Over
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The Rise of Feminist Power, ERA and ReEvolution!

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Dear friends, Recent events have given us an opportunity to re-energize and re-brand the feminst movement.  The Feminist Power Movement suggests that now is the time for Feminists to move from victimhood to creators, and work together as a team.   We are creating a Sacred Activist organization focused on the publication of the ratified Equal Rights Amendment, and full Equality under US law for US women and girls.  We believe that the publication of the ratified ERA amendment is the low hanging fruit for peace on Earth, and the beginning of the reclamation of the Sacred Feminine.  * We need 10 additional US Senators to vote to remove or amend the deadline.  We are also creating online events, online training, and live events to support empowerment and partnership for those who identify as "feminists".  We are here to engage supporters, and lead with LOVE.  

We might be asking ourselves:

What does an empowered feminist movement look like?  How can we best work together?  Feminist Power movement sees the Ratified but not published ERA amendment as the #1 national goal moving forward.  We must 1) raise awareness and 2) take effective actions.  Please learn more, sign petitions and share about the Ratified ERA here:

Today the Exective Director of Feminist Power & Shakti tribe will address some of these questions, and offer a call to action for "we the people" to visualize, nurture, strategize and take effective action towards full Equality of Rights under the US Constitution for US females. 

We need resouces, and smart postive people to support the US women and girls NOW!  This evening Staci will discuss: 

  • ERA as the low hanging fruit for quantum leaping Peace on Earth

  • Sacred Feminine Power within all of us as a reflection of Mother Earth

  • How the Feminist movement has been based in victimhood, and how we will shift this

  • The Power Paradox, and how women lead differently than men

  • A call to action for the "Peace Warriors"

  • What we can do now to support US women & Girls

  • The Great Shift from a Dominator Society to a Partnership Society 

  • Cooperation and funding for the budding (501) C movement for "Feminine Power"

  • How the Radical Sacred Feminist Power movement will lead with Love, Compassion, and Wisdom

Now is our time, and you are needed!  Please consider supporting our movement, and contact Staci with any ideas, potential resouces, or just to let her know you support this movement.  Thanks!

Staci Weller, Mother of the Feminst Power Movement (360)543-3279/[email protected]





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