Vocal Core Resonance: Level 1

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Hundreds of students have now stepped into the Vocal Core Resonance dojo to upgrade their relationship with the power of their voice. This multidimensional practice has been sourced and curated from the practical, spiritual, scientific and esoteric realms. 

Marya’s background in music therapy, energetic medicine, classical training and unprecedented mythical musical expression joins in harmony with Elijah Ray’s expertise in spherical alchemy, multidimensional vocal techniques and thousands of performance hours as a solo touring artist to distill what is now the fabric of Vocal Core Resonance. 

What is the Method?

A collection of truths, core principles(master keys) and dedicated practices that you can do everyday. This method goes deeper and deeper the more you practice it, while staying relatively simple, non-dogmatic, and explorative of your whole self as an instrument.

Everything Has A Frequency
The “core” of Vocal Core Resonance is learning to listen and attune to life as a spectrum of frequency. When we open our awareness to the reality that everything is a vibration, we discover that each individual, and indeed every life form, has their own signature home tone. Finding and maintaining awareness of this tone becomes key to our coherent navigation through the realm. Where frequencies meet and interact with one another, new creations and possibilities emerge.

The Human Energy Field Is Spherical
The electromagnetic field that surrounds you resembles a torus. This is the field of energy that we effortlessly generate. When we apply specific toning techniques, we can learn to occupy this field, which we call our “sphere”. Once we make the quantum leap of truly occupying our sphere, we can begin to explore how to use your sphere to set boundaries, to explore time and space, to revisit and even heal events from your past, and to pre-pave the potential of your future. 

Sound Is Light Is Shape
Through the study of Cymatics, we innerstand that every sound creates a shape or geometry, as well as a color on the spectrum of light. Thus, the very words and tones we make throughout our day literally shape our reality. This is the essence of Creation. As the great sages and wizards used to say…”our word is our wand”. In this awareness, we build a conscious, living bridge between our inner and outer worlds, and become increasingly more congruent in all our creations.

You Have A Core Resonance
We can come into our Core Resonance when we step into the driver's seat of our personal spheres and see ourselves as the creators that we are. We each emit a personal frequency within our local and non local reality. When we attune to it consciously through the sound of our own voice, we have access to more of your inherent presence...this is the true meaning of sovereignty.

Benefits Of Practicing This Method:

Enhance your quality of life
Singing and Toning has been shown to stabilize mood. Students learn to work with their voice for self soothing, nervous system regulation, and training the imagination for access to more creativity, play, peace and relaxation.

Increase confidence in singing and speaking
Through working inside of daily vocal explorations, students experience a stronger connection to their voice, their truth, and their ability to occupy space within their sound that allows for more freedom of expression

Transcend conventions of time and space
This method offers timeless techniques to free the mind. Sound gives us the opportunity to grow beyond current frames of perception and experience more of our potential. Singing enhances our neurological capacities by which we tap into expansive states of consciousness.

Expand Awareness of Your Sphere
Embodiment is a process of welcoming presence into the vessel of your body instrument. Singing brings us into our body, supports us rooting the mind, and allowing the spirit to rise.

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