Yaima Live in Sedona

Mon. May 17, 2021 5:30pm - 9:00pm MST
All Ages
Price: $88.00
All Ages
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Price: $88.00
All Ages
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Yaima Live in Sedona


The Vibrational Empowerment Network & ChocolaTree Organic Oasis present:

Mystic Nights Featuring Yaima:

An Intimate Music and Dining Experience, featuring a chef curated coursed meal with live music and entertainment. 

Tickets On Sale 4/23/21 @ 11:11am AZ - MST

Join us for an intimate evening in the gorgeous garden @ Chocolatree Organic Oasis, enjoy a chef created 3-course dinner while being serenaded by the magical music stylings of Yaima along with RAMA the Avatar

Seating is limited and largely community style.  By purchasing tickets in a group of two or more you will have a reserved table.  Individual ticket holders will be seated in a first come first served manner. Groups of 2 may be seated at a table with an additional group of 2.  

Prices are per person.



The Yaima Music Project is a Cascadian Folktronic Music Duo based in Seattle WA (2014-Present)


YAIMA Music Project featuring Multi-Instrumentalist Producer Masaru Higasa andVocalist Pepper Proud has often been described as timeless and unmistakable, a balanced synergy of both the masculine and feminineexpression. Their melodious soundscapes showcase instruments from all over the world. Inspired by the majesty ofNature their musings encompass the listener with driving and revitalizing organic rhythms, transcendent electronic production, warm soothing female vocals and heartened lyricism. Their intention is to create a bridge between Nature and Humankind,an expansive experience that encourages growth and graceful passages for the hearts and minds of their listeners. 


The name YAIMA emerges from two sources one from the Mapudungun language meaning "that which water runs through”and the other from the gorgeous Island District ofOkinawa Japan-Over the last 5 years YAIMAs music has been reaching the ears and hearts of listeners from all around the world.ReleasesEach album has been created with intention and acknowledgment for the elementals part of an Overarching Story To reflect and illustrate Nature.


The Earth is replenished through Water 



Yaima’s first album “Pellucidity” is a beauteous and bewitching collection of stories that lead the listener on a journey through enticing soundscapes and floating melodies.Pellucidity means- to allow the maximum passage of light, to see clearly, as clear as fresh water in a mountain lake. Pellucidity was created for the water and for the peaceful being inside of us all.


The Water gives life to the Wind


 (“OvO” 2016)

OvO means “seed” or “egg” and stands for the point in time or space at which something starts- the next evolution. OvO was created as a concept album and carries the listener through the life cycle of a seed- the story begins in Winter, proceeds into theSpring & Summer, recedes in the fall and completes its cycle in WinterThe owl appears on the cover art as well as in the title “OvO” and represents the elemental energy of theWind.


The Wind fuels the Fire


(“Antidote” 2018)

Yaima’s third album “Antidote” was crafted as a pulsing and fluctuating expanse of soundscapes intertwined with the delicacies of human emotion. From start to finish this album is a portrayal of the element of fire, the dance of passion and renewal, the deep inner work of intention and the cultivated patience of devotion. Born of an ancient tune,layered in time - “Antidote” was written as a way to rekindle the spark of inspiration and new growth, the idea of transmutation and the power of transformation. These stories have come to life through the lessons and reflections written in the turning flames,wildfires, volcanic activity, the rising smoke, and by the warmth of the Earth's Heart. TheDragonfly is generally associated with Transformation,Change and Adaptability, Joy,and Lightness of Being. It is a powerful symbol of the realm of emotions, an invitation to dive deeper into what is felt, and a reminder to reconnect with Nature.


And the Fire transmutes the Earth (Coming Soon...)




“Citadella” 2019

Citadella was written as a universal call for peace,love and hope. Inspired by theCitadella Monument in Budapest Hungary. The Citadel Sits high on a hill, overlooking the cities below as a guardian- calling out for peace and as a reminder for all those who gave their lives for freedom, independence and the prosperity of Hungary. The Frequency of true love is as hopeful as The Spring.Yet love can be bittersweet as the complexities of being human obscure this simple truth.When we are able to findHarmony, it amplifies and strengthens the frequency of love- sending the vibration out to the earth to break down conceptual walls, allowing all to see with the eyes of compassion and unity. The complete heart begins with a simple wish... to love.










“Odonata” Music Video

“Written in the Wind” Music Video

“Antidote” Music Video

Yaima - OvO - full album video by Kaizen


Quotes from our community

"breathtaking music"....“This is what sound and inspiration can be. Heartily,powerful peace vibrations. True Individual expression. Lovely with every tone.“

“Listening to Yaima is a healing journey for the soul, I cry often. Thank you

“There are people in the world looking for truth,looking for what it is that makes them the way they are, looking for their origins. Music Like this helps us think and reflect andreach out into the vastness and possibly grab a grain of our truth”

“This album gets my soul inspired and ready to do good work in the world.. ThanksYaima!!!”

“Beautiful Melody & Deep Meaning with the current state of affairs”

“So healing. These are beautiful songs the world needs right now. This album became my anchor during a difficult journey into the inner realms and I feel blessed to have it in my toolbox for future use. Peaceful, heartfelt, moving music.”

"music that is our perfect prescription medicine”....

"Heal the soil of our existence and making a difference"..."music which seems to have a soul of it's own"..

 "It's Very rare to come across something like that these days"...

"Your music meets the deep of this womb warmed firelighters the Northern Mothers say yes to it all. Thank you”....

"music is pure magic...healing to myself and many others close to me”....

"música tant sentida i lluminosa. Gaudiréi faré gaudir de bons viatges amb OvO”.....

"crying from the beauty of it...stunning music" - 

"full of poetry & love"...

"it's certainly worth it"... 

"the band were all so tight,and the visuals were entrancing"...

"so much healing to this heart of mine”...."an amazing show!"...

"float to that melting point of bliss where heartbreak and love are the same thing and there are no boundaries between my skin and the universe”....

"medicine songs"...

"the much-anticipated OvOalbum!!"...

"beautiful music that was been present for me already in so many quiet,celebratory, precious moments in my life".....

”the music is like a charm :)”....

"This music heals me!"...

"vibrational blessings and beautiful artistry"..

"Social and EvolutionaryCulture here and now”....

"angels of technology"...

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