Registration for the whole series ($133.00)

Sharing the Breath of Life is an exciting and highly-anticipated offering of insights and transmissions from Zenju to help us awaken, expand, and integrate our lived experiences with the wisdom in our bones.

Zenju will guide you to align with and live your highest truth. Each call will help you enter the vibration of awakening and wellness in the midst of distress and despair. If you are ready to live your highest truth and follow your own path of freedom, then please join Zenju in creating a global community for this 9-week series of LIVE calls.

Each call (including free replays) will feature teachings based on Zenju's highly-attuned intuition and transmissions of teachings for everyone in attendance, as well as plenty of time to take live inquiries to affirm what you know.

Zenju looks forward to this special time with you.