4 Days of Lunch ($200.00)

Book your lunch for 4 days at Field of Abundance at Four Seasons
The menus are below:
Day 1
Scarborough salad: local greens, pecorino cheese, champagne vinaigrette.
Little gem salad: roasted corn, peppers, radish, and blue cheese dressing.
Grilled chicken breast with chimichurri or Grilled tofu
Day 2
Kale Caesar: Parmesan cheese, croutons
Strawberry salad: pistachio, butter lettuce, lemon vinaigrette
Herb roasted turkey breast or Falafel
Day 3
Grilled peach salad: summer peaches, chicory, mint, balsamic vinaigrette
Scarborough salad, local veg, Parmesan cheese, citrus vinaigrette
Mediterranean chicken thigh or Adobo marinated tofu
Day 4
California Cobb Salad Chinese Mandarin Salad
Teriyaki chicken breast or Veggie patty