NON-Bath Cabin + Retreat Admission DOUBLE Occupancy - PER PERSON ($681.00)

Retreat fee plus lodging PER PERSON.
If you are purchasing registration for both you and a chosen roommate/partner please select "2". If you and your chosen roommate are purchasing separately, see note below.
Breitenbush lodging fees are PER PERSON, not per cabin/room.

Lodging in cabin WITHOUT bathroom, DOUBLE occupancy.
Cabin has two double beds or a double and single bed.
The bathrooms are a short walk from the cabin.

***Please state if you have a chosen roommate(s) already. If you are not coming with another retreat guest(s) you will be assigned a roommate(s) of the same gender.***

If you would like to reserve "guaranteed privacy" for a double cabin, please contact [email protected] to arrange payment.
(Lodging price doubles to reserve entire double cabin for one person.)

Includes all meals and use of the hot springs, sauna, and all amenities of Breitenbush Hot Springs.

(Does not include massage. Massages can be booked directly with Breitenbush Hot Springs.)