Advanced Parking and Shuttle Reservation Required ($0.00)

1) Parking is included in your ticket purchase when reservations are secured on or before June 1.*
2) Onsite parking is limited and guaranteed only with Bring Your Own Tent Camping. All other spaces are distributed as tickets are sold.
3) When parking is exhausted, shuttles will be assigned.
4) Please look for an email for your parking or shuttle assignment.
5) You do not have a parking or shuttle space reserved without receipt of a confirmation sent on or before June 7.
6) Assignments are made to ticket purchasers only.
7) Please reserve your place on or before June 1, by contacting: [email protected] with the following;
a) Name of ticket purchaser
b) arrival date and time
c) departure date and time
d) number of guests for the shuttle
e) number of cars for the lot
f) day of event contact info
8) parking and shuttle reservations are mandatory and must be received on or before June 1.*
*9) Purchase your tickets and/or submit your parking/shuttle reservation info on or before June 1; after which parking and shuttle reservations will be subject to a $50 service fee.